Living in transition is a soulful journey


As a transgender woman, writer and researcher, and author of this blog, I have scoured over countless story’s from people of all ages, female, and male, virtually every walk of life.

These people and i have indeed experience what Nat Geo describes as a “gender revolution” within ourselves. The people who I  write about tell story’s of their experiences. Each story is a testimony of liberation from within.

A common recurring theme emerges in most of our life story’s! At some point in our youth we just simply want to express ourselves in a way that is different from the biological standard that is taught to us, through the clothes provided to as young children, to the way we perceive others as examples through life. At some point we realize we are unique when we think about ourselves and the notion of gender.

These feelings are “insistent, persistent, and consistent.”

What’s touched my heart the most about these and other stories, is the challenges in everyday life that we endure just learning to be ourselves. From facing our fears about certain social situations, to intimate moments of support and understanding from loved ones we never thought would understand. Finding a job, or an apartment, or in my case dealing with our child’s teachers and doctors as a transgender parent. It’s an interesting experience to say the least. Finding a love relationship, and making friends are life challenges with a whole new twist.

As the “other mother” my journey taught me courage to face these and other situations head on. My son and my wife are my biggest fans when I sport a proud to be trans attitude around town. I have met so many people locally that I thought would never understand , but they did. When I go shopping or out for a bite I notice that people are usually very accepting. Only a few people seemed perturbed by the fact I’m a transgender. Thats to be expected! I learned through my transition so far, is that there are plenty of people who do understand !

What makes us different in this way? What is that blissfully feeling that comes over me when I put on my make up, or share time with my best girlfriend, as sisters do, or the woman who feels comfortable when she expresses as a man? It seems science may never know what makes us different in this way. Maybe were not so different from what has been written about in the earliest writings known to man. They wrote about the variable of gender within us spiritually. The history of transgender people in the humanity’s may be slightly out of view for some. It’s there in plain view for those who want to know.

In the physical world there are 3 types of gender that make up the human race ( Woman, Hermaphrodite, and man),  since we know that there are 3 types of physical gender, how hard is it to understand that the inner soul of human may also come in a variable form. (Male, variable gender, woman). A full spectrum of gender expressions.

Since I have started my transition, I have had a much better spiritual life over all as well. I feel closer to what some people call god, or what I call the all of everything. My life has so much more meaning now. I’ve allowed my inner self express itself as naturally as it wants to. As a result I began living for a purpose. For me living as a transgender woman, has been and continues to be a soulful journey

Rach Hardesty

2 thoughts on “Living in transition is a soulful journey

  1. I have a good friend who has completed her transition from male to female and I am learning a lot through her experiences. I don’t know everything yet but I am open to learning so that I might be supportive. Thanks for following me my new blogging friend.

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